Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Another single lady dinner

JW: "Honey, what'd you have for dinner while I was gone?"

WW: "Greenbeans and macaroni and cheese."
JW: "That's what you always eat when I'm not here."

Greenbeans follow my half boil and half steam method highlighted at the end of the Calypso Chicken post.

But for homemade macaroni and cheese, I start by boiling water. Duh. Add in whole wheat shells (maybe half the box?).  When the shells are done, I drain them and return the empty pan to the stove.

I add 2T butter and 3T of milk or cream, whatever I got.  Then I add some cheese.  I like Colby Jack for this.  I usually keep adding cheese until it mixes with the butter and milk and isn't too runny.  Then I add in the noddles.  If it isn't enough cheese, I add more. If it isn't enough butter (always), I add more.  Then I add a generous helping of pepper and some salt!


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