Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Wally Omlet

In April, we got a new cat from the shelter named Wally. And Wally, much like me, is fascinated with food. Only, Wally is borderline obsessed. He cries and runs in circles at meal time, he eats anything that falls on the floor, and lives on the kitchen counter if he isn't shooed off every 30 seconds. And, there have been more than 2 occasions when I have turned by back for one minute to find him licking butter off the counter, licking cheese off the salad, or sticking his face in my yogurt or soup, if I put it down for one second!

Today, he was just curious. Today, the most annoying thing about his presence was continuously keeping him back, and sanitizing everything insight, repeatedly! But, if the last photo says anything, it was a fun breakfast to make while JW slept the day away...

a kitty in the sink UNDER dirty dishes!

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oppatton said...

oh my god, that's precious. i need a wall-e! EVAAAAAA