Thursday, December 30, 2010

We have running water!

Electricity comes tomorrow.... and just if our appliances were working, we'd be good to go.

Doesn't that tile and countertop look great? Shout out to my lady Nicole at ASCO for making that happen! With 12" of snow on Monday, they weren't able to make it. But... Tuesday am, bright and early, they show up! It was the best! Now we may have it all done by new years!

Well, all but a few minor issues. The vallance doesn't match... the microwave fan doesn't work... the fridge has a dent. Here's to gettin it all working soon!

But running water! I can eat off real plates again and use our dishwasher! Wow.

Still eating microwave dinners, but this should be the last time! Stove finished in am. Let's hope it works.

Ps. First trip to wegmans today. As much as I dislike nj driving, I might have to make this my new routine. Wowsers.
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