Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Amanda Hesser, round 1

With Amanda's recipes still calling my name from last week's vacation, I decided tonight was finally the night for creamy lemon risotto.

Starting with butter, added the rice, browned, and then added some wine (my own twist).  Then, gradually added the chicken stock, with some lemon zest halfway through.  Finishing off the stock, I realized I added all the zest too soon, so I squeezed half a lemon into the pan.  In lieu of creme fraiche, I added some greek yogurt for the zing.  Also added some Parmesan cheese.

I bought the rice at the store, and low sodium chicken stock, but forget to think about a main course.  I thought about getting a fish, but forgot to go to the store on my way home.

Settled for canned salmon- made salmon cakes: salmon, egg, mayo, butter, chopped scallion and sage (CSA), S&P.  Oh man, I forgot the cracker/bread crumbs! guess we didnt need it.  Kneeded it with my hands, divided the bowl in fourths, and formed patties and added to a saute pan while the risotto finished.

I also made a nice salad from our CSA box- baby lettuces, red lettuce, cucumber, onion, cherry tomatoes (I cut a big one into pieces, I think JW was tricked into thinking it was a normal sized tomato- I'll spare you from what he thinks about cherry tomatoes. He's crazy.), and squeezed half a lemon over it- Ken's Lite Balsamic.

JW made me baggie up the risotto and salmon cake for tomorrow's lunch. I should have hidden it for myself...

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Waylesies said...

And can we just say, James left his salmon cake/risotto lunch on the counter at home this morning. We are BOTH super mad at him!