Thursday, July 29, 2010

the fresh grocer

Me in my bday apron cooking up burgers & corn!
I figured tonight's dinner was going to consist of many items from our CSA- courtesy of Wimer Organics. I already had the corn planned out, onion, and the watermelon half Casey brought to me at work today (we share the CSA and splitting it at the pick-up spot seemed too messy).

I also had some ground turkey in the freezer that i began to defrost.  Remembering, vaguely, that there was a burger recipe somewhere in the house, I began to dig through every cookbook.  And then, realized that it was in the Forklore cookbook from Fork Restaurant (where I used to work) had the best burger recipe--- and one that is true to the meat.  The recipe essentially says S&P the meat, add to grill.  I thought this version was perfect for the ground turkey, although it called for sirloin, since turkey tends to turn into mush if you handle it too much.  Knowing that turkey tends to dry out quickly, and I like a thoroughly cooked burger, I added some shredded cheese to the middle (ala Juicy Lucy- for those Minnesotians out there).  I added the burgers to a hot grill pan.

Meanwhile, I boiled water for the corn and started to slice the burger toppings (tomatoes, onion, pickles, basil) and the watermelon.  I laid the buns open in the grill pan to toast. After flipping, I added a slice of Swiss to melt.

Once the burgers were done and the buns toasty from the same pan, I added ketchup, mustard, and mayo to the bun, plopped on the burger and all the fixings.  They were like 5" high!  Buttered and S&Ped the corn.

Everything was super tasty.  Of course, JW freaked that the watermelon wasn't seedless (I mean, you can't have an organic seedless watermelon...), so I had to pick the seeds out for him.  I, however, enjoyed spitting them, hopefully keeping them on the plate. I ate almost 1/4 of the whole watermelon!
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Zoe said...

James is a brat. And you can tell him I said so. XOXO Try watermelon, feta, basil, olive oil, s&p (and a touch of jalapeno if you like spice.) SO GOOD!