Sunday, July 25, 2010

What started all this anyway?

So, after reading Amanda Hesser's novel "Cooking for Mr. Latte," a diary of the NYT food critic's life, I've been compelled to figure out if I have a cooking style.  Much like Amanda, I find myself having a hard time collecting all the recipes I love, and love to make, and thought that such a blog would allow me not only to create an electronic recipe book with my notes and nuances, but it would begin to help me understand a little bit more about the better cook I want to be.

However, this blog may be unnecessary before it starts.  In my first cooking endeavor after deciding on this brilliant idea, I already discovered and labeled my cooking "style."  I am resourceful, if nothing else.

Last night's dinner explains it.  After a week at the beach, there were obviously no fresh ingredients in the house.  Dinner, a thought that began at 9:30pm, was limited to canned goods.  The meal began as a choice between jarred pasta sauces: tomato based or alfredo. With JW preferring the tomato after a week of what seemed heavy on carbs and a day of Hardees cheeseburgers, I decided to spruce it up a little.

With whole wheat linguine boiling in the pot of salted water, I added frozen chopped spinach to a saute pan.  As it began to melt, I smashed and diced a garlic clove and added it to the pan with a drizzle of olive oil, S &P.  After a few minutes, I added half the jar of tomato sauce and a little Sav Blanc from the fridge.  As the pasta finished cooking, I scooped a portion of the pasta water and added it to the sauce, along with red pepper flakes and some V8 juice that was in the fridge, to help make it a little thinner.  Once the noodles were drained, I returned them to their pot, poured on the sauce and tossed.  After scooping the pasta into bowls, I added a generous dusting of Parmesan cheese.

It turned out to be exactly what I wanted to eat for dinner.  JW, of course, wanted more cheese.


Joe Bernstein said...

This is a great story! Of course JW wanted more cheese, who wouldn't! Glad to see the Waxed Bean going strong.

Joe Bernstein said...
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