Wednesday, July 28, 2010

a little behind

So, I thought that with my new phone (it's supposed to be incredible, it's in the name!) maintaining a blog would be easy... easier. Obviously wrong.

Let's see if I can even differentiate between the meals in my head any longer... Yes- so Sunday brunch turned into eggs for lunch, as it was well past 1pm before I actually decided I was hungry.  Still not having been to the store, I fixed eggs over-easy (JW' choice over scrambled) with sauteed white and red potatoes (from the CSA) in olive oil with rosemary and lots of onion (CSA again!) and garlic, S&P.

Since I originally was going to make scrambled eggs with some diced zucchini, onion and garlic, I had a saute pan and a cutting board full.  So, I put the lid on and started to brainstorm for dinner.... while watching the series finale of The Hills...

Still refusing to go to the store, dinner was going to have to come from the freezer.  With a new app on my new phone, I searched Epicurious for something to do with sausages.  I settled for a recipe that featured beer poached Italian sausages that are then grilled.

What a fantastic way to prepare sausages!  I sliced up a few thin slices of the onion (from breakfast) and layered them in the bottom of my saute pan.  Having defrosted 6 hot Italian turkey sausages, I laid them on top of the onion.

In search for the ideal beer for poaching, I had to settle for our hodge-podge (though more elaborate than usual!)- Miller Lite ("obvi"), Brawler, Pacifico, Modelo especial, and Presidente.  After weighing the options of which beer would match the dish and which I'd prefer to drink, I opted for the Pacifico (though JW later told me I should have gone with the Presidente because there were two left).  I added 3/4 of the beer (and drank the rest) and added enough water to make sure the sausages were submerged.

While I poached the meat, I began to heat the grill pan, and laid the sliced zucchini around the edges.  I transfered the sausages to the grill pan, and drained the liquid off the onions and began to caramelize them.

Oh right, I totally forgot that I also made "Spicy sweet potato patties" (, as I had some mashed sweet potatoes (maybe they were yams) left over from dinner the night before.  I put them in a bowl, but it wasnt enough! So since the recipe called for shredded raw sweet potato, I found another yam in the fridge and added it to the bowl. I also shredded a portion of the same onion,  added in 2 eggs, cumin (maybe a little too much), and chili powder, S&P.  I made them into patties and sauteed them in a pan while the sausages cooked.

The meal was fantastic- really enjoyable.  I liked how the sausages plumped up- and the best part truly was still not having to go to the grocery store.

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