Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Brussels sprouts stalk...

 Every blogger needs a break ever once in a while.  And sometimes I swear I make dinner only so I have something to blog about!

But for dinner tonight, we had Brussels sprouts, and still just as damn good as the last time (so I guess it's the butter, not the freshness).  I wanted to show you this stalk, and thats after 3 meals already! They pop right off, slice in half, and right in the garlic and butter!

Well, I threw to Trader Joe's frozen burritos in the oven and warmed up some leftover cauliflower smash.

I guess I wasn't being too lazy, because while the burritos were cooking themselves, I peeled and sliced 6 apples for another apple crisp.

Problem was, ShopRite was late with my butter.  So, I mixed up the topping, and left it in a bowl, waiting for its key ingredient!  I sprinkled the water, lemon juice and cinnamon over the apples to keep them from looking brown. (In case JW walked in... he wouldn't eat browning apples. But if they are brown covered in cinnamon, how would he know?!)

So, ShopRite showed up, just as we were sitting down for dinner.  And a large conversation developed.  How much do you tip a food delivery man for $100 or so order, which includes $16 for delivery fees?

Maybe, the real answer, is stop doing delivery and just save the $16 and the tip and go pick them up yourself!  (And I would, but being in a walking cast, does make this a little less convenient.)
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