Sunday, April 3, 2011

Pulled pork Sundays

I recently gave a friend a slower cooker for a bridal gift, and for the card I gave her this new found recipe. With three ingredients, it was a perfect meal for a day of alumni activities.

The only problem... when I ordered my groceries from, I wanted fresh pork shoulder, but they sent my a 10lb shoulder. WOAH. 10 pounds. This thing still had the skin on it. It just looked like a pig. It was nasty, and made me thing twice about eating it.... hmmm.

After I got the skin and three inches of fat cut off, I cut the pork in thirds, and froze two sections. The third section I tossed in the slow cooker with 12 oz of root beer, generic for 79 cents. Turned it on low, and left.

About 5 hours later, I turned it off and drained the liquid off. I plugged it back in and added the store bought bbq sauce (yes, MK, I didn't make it from scratch- maybe next time...). Let the sauce warm on the meat while I toasted the buns and baked the sweet potato fries in the oven.


mashep said...

This will be my next adventure in the slow cooker for SURE! And definitely need to have the sweet potato fries as a side. Thanks Wayles!! :)

hellen said...

I will definitely try this out soon! I always get freaked out by weird cuts and amounts of meat, too. I never even thought about freezing it.

oppatton said...

you are brave for handling that meat!