Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My kitchen staff

 The blessing of a new, and what seems more spacious, kitchen is that I was able to convince JW to make me dinner!  I was smart and defrosted the ingredients I knew he knew how to use that morning, and just had to convince him I was too busy vacuuming.

JW's signature dish is Pasta and Sausages.  To be honest, he makes his noodles better than I do. I never cook them long enough, and he does it just right.  (Probably because I think he is paying attention to them, and he is waiting for me to tell him when they are done... so it's longer than I would have left them in! That's the trick...)  He poached the sausages in 1/4" of water and steamed them by putting on the lid (they cook faster). Meanwhile, I finished vacuuming and was in charge of veggies.

While JW added sauce to the meat, I sauteed spinach in half a pan and brussels sprouts in the other half. Viola!

My kitchen staff pulled through! You didn't know I provided uniforms.  Come on over!

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oppatton said...

well if it's men's size i need a small, women's size a medium. let me know when my uniform is in and i will come on over.