Sunday, January 9, 2011

Breakfast not in bed

Today I woke up to organize the spices. It was really bothering me that they weren't were I wanted them to be.  After that hour long process, I decided to make breakfast (or lunch, as you can tell from the range that it is 1:18pm).

I made pancakes (I didn't have eggs, so I cheated and used a mix I had on hand), some sausage, and sweet potatoes.  For the potatoes, I diced them, sauteed in olive oil, then sprinkled a little cumin and salt on top.

Once breakfast/lunch was ready, JW finished reading about cannibalism, and was convinced to come to the dining room table. He attempted to get served breakfast in bed, but I didn't like the idea of gettin syrup on my sheets.

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Anonymous said...

Cannibal-worshiping JW’s attempts to coerce breakfast-n-bed were thwarted, resulting in a rare syrup-less sheeted night.