Tuesday, August 3, 2010

the peanut mistake

Tonight's meal started in very much a haze.  As I walked home from work, I thought about the options.  Knowing that I'm having coworkers over on Thursday (therefore, the fridge is full of ingredients I cannot use) and realizing that tomorrow was a new CSA order, I had to use up some of things still remaining.  Watermelon, that was certain.

But, did I want to recreate this watermelon, corn, shrimp salad I had when I was at Rose Tatoo last week? What about the classic WW taco salad? OR space out chicken meals this week and have Calypso Chicken from @Blanchard's Table?  Per usual, I called JW and asked him his opinion. But, I have to break it down if I want answers...

"Are you feeling like chicken, shrimp, or taco salad?" "Shrimp or Chicken..."

Hmmm. Shrimp, I guess.

So- I had read about a coconut-lime sauce in @BT, so I decided to try it out.  Simple enough- 1/4c lime juice, 1/4c vinegar, 1/4c brown sugar, 1c coconut milk, 2 T soy sauce, 1/4 peanut butter. Well, all I had was chunky.  

In the saucepan, I warmed the peanut concoction. In a saute pan, I added a dash of olive oil and coriander seeds I crushed, and slowly added the shrimp (as I defrosted under running water and peeled, and of course JW, de-veined them). Once the shrimp were cooked, I added some of the sauce, and then decided to make brown rice in the original saucepan.

Meanwhile, I ventured into recreating the Rose Tatoo salad by using a suggestion from Epicurious.  I don't even know that I followed any sort of recipe. I started by cutting 2 shallots, sliced the corn off one cob (wish I had more... tomorrow!), an avocado, some red leaf lettuce, tossed in some feta cheese, juice and zest of a lemon, olive oil, S&P, and VERY CAREFULLY sliced and de-seeded the watermelon.

I plated the dinner- shrimp on top of rice, which was making me nervous, and then the salad on the side. JW made the sparking water from our Penguin.

It was way too much peanut butter. It was not a coconut-lime sauce. I think with the shrimp, it was tooo powerful.  Maybe with chicken? 

The salad was AMAZING!!! It was a perfect summer delight.  I'm hoping that tomorrow, adding the shrimp to the top of the leftover salad, will be a good lunch. 

Maybe I need to rinse off the shrimp!

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