Monday, August 23, 2010

What to do as a single lady

Much like Amanda H, I have a single lady dinner (things I eat when Jw isn't home). my two favorite (ok I consider many things favorites) veggies, beets and stringbeans, Jw doesn't really like. so whenever he's not around... they are on the menu! and they may be all the menu!

tonight, he's at the phillies game, so of course ill indulge in beans and beets!

I will also eat it shifts! I got home from work hungry and ate leftover pizza AND pasta! (two meals already blogged, but I did make a second pot of pasta and sauce last night from my grandmom's recipe- can't get enough!) I ate in front of rachael ray... I'm not really a fan, but she is making homemade sausages so I'm entertained...

back to tonight's main attraction- the butter carriers! I will boil the beets (too hot for roasting) and steam the beans, and smother them all in (salted) butter and s&p!

I just can't live without butter. I think I only enjoy vegetables so much because they are perfect butter carriers- the mechanism to move the butter to my mouth! yum!

---if anyone's been following me on Facebook, yes, tonight is half the reason I needed the 2 lbs of butter!---

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