Sunday, August 15, 2010

The week of no cooking

A rare week of no home cooked meals. We were at the Phillies multiple nights in a row (a 15-9 loss, 2-0 win), I went out to eat with staff from Washington College, went to a goodbye happy hour and then was too tipsy to cook (alone at least), a baby shower, crabs with my family... and it still continues.

But that doesn't mean I don't have recipes to document. First off, this week my coworker Emily brought in lunch for us! It was awesome- and I wish that I wasn't leaving so we could do it more often. She brought chicken salad, and we bought bread from cosi!

Even though I didn't make it, I need to remember the recipe. I always seem to make my chicken salad like my tuna salad, but it always turns out a bit odd. ES gets out the crock pot and frozen chicken. she leaves it to go for 2 hours. then she shreds the chicken, adds chopped celery, mayor, and s&p. yum. I gotta remember not to over do it next time, and no more canned chicken for us.

The other meal I want to remember is my meal at R2L. I had multiple glasses of proseco, that I have no problem remembering :) but I want to write more about my beet salad. anyone taking notes? this is in my last meal, ok? it was a variety of beets with micro greens and goat cheese mousse and a truffle vinaigrette! for dinner I had the salmon with spring onion, barley, walnuts, and lemon. It was what I was looking for that evening.

But, to be honest, the view of Philadelphia from the 37th floor, Prosecco, and beets could another experience I wanna have again soon!

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