Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Breakfast Staple

These are eggs from Jack's Hole--- my mom and brother's egg selling business.  You can't really tell, but that BIG one is a blue egg!  You also cant really tell how orange the yolks are!

This morning I made "omelets" and "hashbrowns."

I start by slicing up the potatoes- I had some small yellow and red potatoes from the CSA.  I slice in quarters and then cut into 1/8" chunks.  I add to a pan with olive oil and mashed garlic clove.  I turn on high and begin to brown, and turn down the heat.  I added fresh rosemary from the CSA and some salt and pepper.  I turn occasionally to get all sides cooked through. More like potato chunks rather than hashbrowns...

For the eggs, I add a touch of oil to the pan and mashed garlic.  I added in some diced onion, tomato, red and green peppers left over from the burritos, and threw in some fresh thyme.  I let it cook for just a minute while I cracked open four eggs, added a splash of water, s&p.  I whisked with a fork, and poured over the veggies.  I left it cook almost through and flipped it over, and laid some shredded cheese on top.  It's more like a egg and veggie pizza rather than omelets...

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oppatton said...

i can see you doing the air quotes on "omelets" and "hashbrowns." where do you get your CSA from?