Sunday, January 5, 2014

Fewer calories in 2014

One day in early 2014 I realized, maybe I needed to think about my portions and calorie intake. The holiday season had gotten out of control- and I constantly felt hungry. Hence gaining enough weight to make me seriously take note. AND I read an article in Cooking Light on "social dieting", and the social aspect did not speak to me- but the mathematical equation of net calories did. (Yes, I'm a total nerd.) I liked the very simple concept of figuring out the perfect math so that I could enjoy food and moderately workout and meet weight GOALS! (YAY for goals!)

In my quest for reducing calories, the month of January has been full of home-cooked meals (mostly from Cooking Light) that are a modified version of their former selves. Some a success, some not so much, some I liked, some JW did NOT.

The next few posts are in this vain- capturing lower caloric meals- and to be honest- monitoring the portion size.

WOW. It actually has worked. I've already lost 5 lbs, likely only to be some of the holiday weight; but I feel better already. I'm pretty obsessed with the app "My Fitness Pal" and continue to use it everyday- to track what I eat, how much (or how little) I move, and it encourages smarter choices and limits to how much I eat. (I found I do best recording what I eat before I eat it- so I keep to it. I also find I won't eat that cookie lying around because I don't want to have to log it.)

Regardless- I like these reduced calorie meals. Enjoy.

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