Thursday, March 10, 2011

Cous cous with chicken and broccoli

Are you ever in a hurry to make a tasty and filling meal? Yeah, me, every night.

Here is an easy dinner... box of broccoli au gratin cous cous (I actually didnt mean to use the cous cous, but it tastes the same as the rice version and cooks even faster!), chicken breasts and broccoli diced.

I started with 1 large frozen chicken breast. I defrosted it slightly, and then diced it in cubes while I boiled water, milk, butter, and seasoning (according to the cous cous box) in a deep saute pan.  I added the diced chicken and allowed it to poach, and then added the cous cous to the liquid. As the cous cous began to absorb the liquid, I added the broccoli on top to slightly steam. Then I mixed everything together, and allowed it all to finish cooking.

10 minutes, tops.
Salad of apple, walnuts, and goat cheese. Red onion would have been a great addition.

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